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16 New Year’s Resolutions For Better Health In 2024

While some don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions, when crafted carefully they can be a starting point for a great habit.

By Nandita Iyer
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You are either a New Year's resolutions person or you aren’t. Some believe that New Year's resolutions are nothing but a psychological con that leads us to think we’re starting something phenomenal at the start of a new year. Often, these resolutions are made during the last few days of December egged on by a brand-new planner and peer pressure, to put down a few resolutions and convince yourself that you’ve done something to ring in the new year.

Resolutions, however, can be started on any day of the year. What matters is that you stick to it for at least three months. This can even lead to it becoming a habit.  

Do New Year’s Resolutions Help? 

Now that we’ve got the ‘how resolutions don’t help’ part aside, let’s look at how they do help. 

  • The fresh burst of energy at the start of a new year can help give us that momentum. 

  • Resolutions also help us be more mindful of the changes we want to incorporate into our lives. Think of resolutions as a list of do’s and don’ts that lead us to achieve our larger goals. Resolutions should fit into our larger vision for the year and be crafted accordingly. For example, focus on the healthy additions to your diet instead of what not to eat. 

  • Setting goals with a partner or a friend holds you accountable and makes the process fun. Having a walking or meditation group in your complex ensures that you get together every day to do this activity together. 

Resolutions For 2024

Here are resolutions for you to pick from or get inspired by for the healthiest you in 2024.

  1. Walk at least 30 minutes a day. Walk with your partner, kids, dog (or cat) or take your calls while walking. 

  2. Spend time in nature. Don’t miss an opportunity to be outdoors in the company of fresh air and Vitamin D. Explore local parks

  3. Mind your posture. Take a few seconds to check your posture now and then during the day until it becomes second nature.

  4. Have a hard stop on screen time. This improves productivity, improves your eye health, mental health and physical health, gives you better attention span and clarity, improves sleep quality and is a step towards mindfulness.

  5. Eat mindfully. Focus on wholesome meals made using whole foods incorporating a variety of vegetables, whole grains, lentils and other protein sources. 

  6. Stay hydrated. Always keep a filled bottle around you. 

  7. Limit or cut out alcohol. No amount of alcohol is safe and it’s best to find alternatives to alcoholic drinks that you like for social events or while relaxing at home.

  8. Aim for great quality sleep. Bedtime alarms help with a consistent sleep schedule. Invest in the best mattress you can buy and blackout blinds.

  9. Make sure to schedule an annual health check-up and get any required vaccines like flu shots.

  10. Give as much importance to mental health as physical health. Invest time in relaxation and meaningful social connections, set boundaries to keep out stressors, keep a journal and seek professional help if you feel the need.

  11. Meditate. Meditating goes a long way toward better mental health, focus at work and reducing stress.

  12. Make family time non-negotiable. This is vital to forging strong bonds and a sense of belonging with family members, destressing, creating memories and building an emotional support web.

  13. Learn something new every day. YouTube is a treasure trove of learning if you use it the right way. If you find YouTube to be a rabbit hole and a distraction, some websites help you learn something in 30 minutes every day.

  14. An act of kindness every day – be it offering your seat in public transport to someone else, allowing people to cross the road, compliment a friend etc.

  15. Say no without any explanations to commitments that add unnecessary stress and skew your work-life balance.

  16. While all of the above qualifies as self-care, you can add something specific that you tend to ignore in pursuit of more important goals, such as skin care, a regular yoga class or developing a hobby.

Instead of aiming for perfection, not starting due to fear of failure and getting bogged by clashing priorities, have a few must-dos in your everyday life and start showing up. That is bound to improve your 2024 in amazing ways. This is a note to self, as much as it is a conclusion to my final edition of CEO’s Diet for 2023. 


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