Anup Semwal
Anup Semwal

Anup Semwal writes narrative features at the intersection of technology and business. He has previously written for Himal Southasian, Article 14, Digit and The Signal Daily. In his spare time, you can find him at the movies.

Why Indian Pharma Isn't Able To Break Free From Dependence On Chinese Bulk Drugs

Despite the government's efforts, the Indian pharmaceutical industry remains uncertain...

World's First Pandemic Treaty Is In A Deadlock And No One's Willing To Budge

The Global South fears sharing virus info but getting no vaccines, Big Pharma's dead set...

Could Homegrown Tech In This Waste-To-Charcoal Uttar Pradesh Plant Make India's Garbage Mountains Disappear?

A plant in Gangoh town of Saharanpur is quietly converting solid municipal waste into...

Why Google Maps Goes Haywire On Indian Roads

Because like all things Google, not all routes are ranked equal.

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