Electoral Math with Rama Bijapurkar, Shankkar Aiyar and Yashwant Deshmukh

With the Indian general elections starting in a few days, tune in to this Special Edition which features a discussion on technology, Identity and aspiration in relation to voter behaviour.

17 April 2024 12:00 PM GMT

On Episode 271 of The Core Report, we feature a discussion between financial journalist Govindraj Ethiraj, veteran economic journalist and New Indian Express columnist Shankkar Aiyar, business adviser, researcher, author, and academic Rama Bijapurkar, and founder-director at CVoter Yashwant Deshmukh about the upcoming elections, voter behaviour, and much more.


  • (00:00) Intro
  • (02:06) Key findings of the CVoter survey (Yashwant Deshmukh)
  • (04:19) Voter Demographics (Rama Bijapurkar)
  • (09:08) Voter Engagement (Shankkar Aiyar)
  • (12:47) Voter Aspirations (Rama Bijapurkar)
  • (14:50) Voter Aspiration vs Experience I (Rama Bijapurkar)
  • (17:53) Voter Aspiration vs Experience II (Shankkar Aiyar)
  • (23:09) The idea of India I (Shankkar Aiyar)
  • (25:04) The idea of India II (Rama Bijapurkar)
  • (27:29) Voter Self-Identification (Rama Bijapurkar)
  • (29:20) How are politicians optimising voter data and technology
  • (32:14) Last words

Updated On: 17 April 2024 6:00 AM GMT
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